CCTS: Evaluation and Tracking- Staff Members

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Timothy Johnson, PhD
Evaluation and Tracking Director

Dr. Timothy Johnson is a Professor in the Department of Public Administration and Director of the Survey Research Laboratory. His main areas of expertise include survey methodology and health behaviors in disadvantaged populations. Within the field of survey methodology, his work has focused primarily on sources of measurement and non response error.

Eric W. Welch, PhD
Evaluation and Tracking Associate Director
Dr. Eric W. Welch is an associate professor of Public Administration and director of the Science, Technology and Environment Policy Lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His research focuses on technology processes in public organizations, environmental policy, science and technology policy, and R&D performance measurement and evaluation. Prof. Welch teaches courses in innovation and technology theory, science policy, decision analysis, organization theory and environmental policy.

Linda Owens, PhD
Evaluation and Tracking Assistant Director
 Dr. Linda Owens is the Assistant Director for Research and Planning at the Survey Research Laboratory. Her areas of expertise include complex sampling design and advanced quantitative analyses of survey data (i.e. structural equation modeling, hierarchical linear modeling, random effects regression).

Nancy Bates, DrPH, RD, CHES
Evaluation and Tracking Senior Qualitative Evaluation Specialist
Dr. Nancy Bates is responsible for conducting a rigorous case study evaluation of each CCTS core. Further, she will conduct several theme-based case studies of integration (cross-disciplinary), translation (research-to-application), and interaction (researchers with stakeholders). She will collect contextual information that will prove valuable in understanding external forces that may contribute or be barriers to successful implementation of CCTS activities.

Jessica Hyink
Evaluation and Tracking Quantitative Project Coordinator
Jessica Hyink is responsible for the project management of survey design, questionnaire construction, and analysis of all CCTS surveys, primarily web-based. She will also assist in the construction of a quantitative data collection and analysis system.

Ian Aseltine
Evaluation and Tracking Quantitative Field and Data Coordinator
Ian Aseltine manages Evaluation and Tracking databases and provides support on quantitative evaluations.

Mary Feeney, PhD
Evaluation and Tracking Social Network Analysis
Dr. Mary K. Feeney is interested in public management, sector distinctions, and science and technology (S&T) policy. She is currently working on research investigating public values, comparisons between the public and nonprofit sectors, rules and red tape, mentoring, and management of science and technology.

Meg Haller, PhD
Evaluation and Tracking Social Network Analysis
Dr. Meg Haller is an Assistant Research Professor and co-Director of the Science, Technology and Environment Policy Lab in the Department of Public Administration at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her research focuses on collaborative networks, public entrepreneurship, and e-government.