CCTS Evaluation and Tracking

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Program Description

The Evaluation and Tracking program within CCTS is focused on the utilization, quality, and productivity of our activities. Feedback from CCTS investigators, along with long-term parameters of quality and productivity, such as the number of publications emanating from and the number of extramural grants awarded to CCTS supported projects, will be tracked. Data collection and analysis systems will be constructed so that the CCTS will be able to document the progress of all programmatic activities. These will be used in shaping our internal processes as well as in continuous feedback to the CCTS Leadership and all Core Directors.

Primary objectives of the Evaluation and Tracking program

  • Develop a program of tracking and evaluation for CCTS activities.
  • Construct data collection and analysis systems necessary to provide timely evaluation reporting to CCTS leadership.
  • Integrate national evaluation data standards and requirements into local CCTS data collection systems.