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Simulations for Basic Science
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January 12, 2005



WILLIAM C. MCGAGHIE, PH.D. is Professor of Medical Education and Professor of Preventive Medicine at The Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University. He is an Adjunct member of the faculty of the Department of Medical Education, College of Medicine, UIC. Dr. McGaghie has been active in the Best Evidence in Medical Education research group investigating the use and effectiveness of simulation in medical and health professions education. His talk, "Use and Effectiveness of Simulation in Medical and Health Professions Education", will detail many of that group's findings.

HELENA GUNNERSON, MD is Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology and Clinical Clerkship Coordinator Department of Anesthesiology, College of Medicine, UIC. Dr. Gunnerson is a Fellow in the Scholars for Teaching Excellence Faculty Fellowship, College of Medicine, UIC. She has been developing teaching and assessment strategies using the Anesthesia Simulator shared with Rush University College of Medicine. Her session, Anesthesia Simulator in Action will employ video and case examples to spur conversation and discussion about the potential of simulation in clinical medicine for students and residents

THOMAS C. WEINERT , is an Associate with Touch of Life Technologies, Inc., creators of The Visible Human Dissector software. Mr. Weinert will demonstrate the VH Dissector, which provides access to 3D renderings of photographic anatomy from the Visible Human Project. This virtual cadaver includes over 2000 identified anatomic structures and the cross-sections from which they were derived. The program can be used as a free-form reference or navigated with user-created lesson plans. This unique program provides the ability to approach the human body from any combination of traditional views, including cross-sectional, systemic, clinical, surface, regional and surgical anatomy. Hands-on opportunity will be part of the session.

MAURICE PESCITELLI, PHD, Visiting Research Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, College of Medicine, UIC. Dr. Pescitelli is an Embryologist who has worked for several years as a member of The Virtual Human Embryo Project, a digitally imaged data base of serially sectioned human embryos from the Carnegie Collection. Dr. Pescitelli will present the 3-D morphed embryo development detailing aspects of the first 8 weeks of human life.

GEORGE KONDOS, MD, Associate Section Chief and Associate Professor of Medicine, Section of Cardiology, College of Medicine, UIC. Dr. Kondos has been employing "Harvey" a human manikin that displays signs and sounds of a variety of cardiac related problems. Associated with Harvey are several CD and DVD programs that also allow self-directed learning. Dr. Kondos has been active in developing these additional instructional materials. He will demonstrate what Harvey can do to both instruct and assess learners in cardiology.

CLINICAL PERFORMANCE CENTER (CPC) An open house at the CPC will feature Standardized Patients, Standardized Students, Human Simulator Models videotapes, posters. Take a tour. Try things out. Have fun with a Standardized Patient. Get feedback from a Standardized Student.

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