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Teaching Awards

Individual Awards University Awards

Departmental Excellence in Medical Student Teaching Awards

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    General Teaching Excellence
    Improvement in Quality of Medical Student Teaching
    Outstanding Achievement in Medical Student Teaching in a Single Course or Clinical Experience

Individaul Awards

Faculty of the Year Award
  • Recognition for outstanding teaching, clinical or research performance
  • Special effectiveness in curriculum or instructional material development
  • Special achievement in University leadership or national, regional society organization or administration
  • Receipt of a recent prestigious national recognition that reflects positively on the College of Medicine or the University
For further information, contact Ms. Loreen Troy at or (312)-996-7528.

Raymond B. Allen (Golden Apple) Instructorship Award

  • Recognition of outstanding teaching, voted on by the student body
  • One faculty member per Class, per site: The teacher who has contributed most effectively to the instruction of the Class
For further information, contact Ms. Loreen Troy at or (312)-996-7528.

University Awards

UIC Excellence in Teaching Award

  • $5000 annual increase
  • Colleges establish their own criteria to recognize and reward outstanding achievement in teaching
  • Formal contributions to reward effectiveness:
    • Special effectiveness in curriculum and instructional material development
    • Distinguished service as noted through peer assessment and student evaluation/testimonials
    • Publications pertaining to teaching and education
    • Innovative administration
    • Overall contribution to teaching effectiveness
      For further information, contact Ms. Rose Kirk at or (312)-413-3450.

Teaching Recognition Program

  • $1500 annual increase
  • To recognize excellence in teaching and thereby improve teaching and learning at UIC
  • Evaluation criteria are drawn from three sources:
    • Products of Good Teaching

      Material used in the classroom
      Student produced materials

    • Material from Oneself

      Descriptive material on current and recent teaching responsibilities and practices, including syllabi
      Description of how one's teaching is evaluated and steps taken to improve teaching

    • Information from Others

      External reviews

For further information, visit the CETL website.


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