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revised 3/13/03

Combined Degree / Independent Study Opportunities

Three of the college's sites (Chicago, Peoria, and Rockford) offer the Independent Study Program (ISP). The program, which varies somewhat at each location, allows students to design their own academic programs with advice from selected faculty. ISP students also complete a "study-in-depth" in a subject of their own interest.

Some students join in the Independent Study Program to gain a more extensive background in research, while others wish to design their own innovative curriculum. Most in-depth studies involve the

basic sciences or clinical medicine, but ISP students have completed projects in public and occupational health, physics, nutrition, and health-related social issues.

Combined MD/MPH Program

This program is available to students in the College of Medicine at Chicago. There are two tracks for this joint degree program.

1. Registration in the College of Medicine with a full medical curriculum and 4 credit hours per semester taken concurrently in the UIC School of Public Health. In this way, 24 credit hours toward the MPH degree could be earned, and the summer semester would be available to complete additional credit hours of course work and the field practicum.

2. Registration in the College of Medicine and use of the vacation and alternate semesters to carry a full-time course load in the School of Public Health.

Interested students discuss the dual degree option with their College of Medicine faculty adviser. If recommended by the advisor, the student then discusses the program with the dean of students of the School of Public Health.

Combined MD/PhD Program


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