Message from the Department Head

Dr. Bellur Prabhakar

This is an exciting time in biological and medical research: profound advances are reshaping the fields of microbiology and immunology. You will find that some of the most topical of these issues are the foci of research in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology.

Research within the department incorporates a wide spectrum of modern biological study and scientific approaches. Our faculty members study diverse biological questions, ranging from issues of autoimmunity and selection of immune repertoire, bacterial and viral pathogenesis, bacterial genetics, molecular virology, physiological cell death, signal transduction and gene therapy in human disease. Our graduate program provides students with a multidisciplinary and integrated approach to biological research and offers the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of research projects. The course work provides the intellectual underpinnings to fully understand the significance of the research questions. We have dedicated and interactive faculty members who are committed to their research and to the training of the next generation of scientists. As faculty members and scientists, we are keenly aware of the importance of developing the potential of graduate students.

Current progress in biomedical sciences highlights the phenomenal accomplishments of basic biological research and the many remaining questions and challenges we still face - from fundamental aspects of immune regulation to the understanding of microbial and viral pathogenesis. For each question we answer, many more arise, thus providing a life long opportunity for investigation, discovery and self-fulfillment. Our department affords an excellent opportunity to students to obtain a quality education in molecular and cellular microbiology and immunology, including both in-depth training in a specific area of research as well as a breadth of knowledge, to fully prepare them for a life long career in science.