Babinski, of Polish descent, had a thorough training in general medicine before entering the study of neurology. His bibliography is lengthy beginning with a treatise on typhoid fever (1882) and ending with a study on hysteria (1930). He worked with the great in neurology in France to include Charcot, Brissaud, Pierre Marie, Dejerine and others. He described in 1903 the associated fanning of the toes which would later be termed Babinski Sign. He also published on cerebrospinal syphilis, cerebellar signs and symptoms such as asynergia adiadochokinesia, on reflexes, on unilateral bulbar lesions and dystrophia adiposogenitalia.

Babinski anticipated the neurosurgical era approaching France and of 2 of his favorite students- de Martel and Vincent he stated "I showed them the way to found French neurosurgery."

Photos from Babinski's original description of his sign

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