Edinger, who is considered the founder of modern neuroanatomy was born in Germany, under the influence of some of the great neurologists to include von Recklinghausen, internists to include Adolf Kussmaul, neuropathologists to include Carl Weigert, with whom he collaborated for some 20 years regardless of these 3 major interests he gravitated to neuroanatomy and soon many distinguished scientists from many countries joined him to work along and to also carry his teaching to their respective countries. Edinger made many discoveries to include describing the ventral and dorsal spinocerebellar tract, clarify polio-encephalon and neo-encephalitis, as well as paleo-cerebellum and neo-cerebellum. He identified in 1885 the Edinger-Westphal nucleus in the fetus. Carl F. Westphal did the same in the adult brain in 1887. He was a fine artist and he also achieved importance in the field of hypnosis.

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