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Physiology and Biophysics

Determinants of Velocity of Sarcomere Shortening in Mammalian Myocardium

Our research is focused on unraveling the function and regulation of the cardiac sarcomere in health and disease. Because there is a direct relationship between the pump function of the heart and the properties of the cardiac contractile system (cf. Figure 1), a particular interest is in the mechanisms that underlie dysfunction of the contractile apparatus (cf. Figure 2; video 1) in cardiac diseases, such as hypertrophy and heart failure.  Our investigations employ both experimental animal models of disease as well as human tissue samples obtained in collaboration with the Sections of Cardiology (Department of Medicine) and Cardiothoracic surgery (Department of Surgery).   In addition, we correlate detailed mathematical models of the contraction process to the experimentally derived data in collaboration with the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in New York (Section of Functional Genomics and Systems Biology). Our methods use muscle specimens that range from intact electrically stimulated cardiac trabeculae (cf. Figure 3), single cells (cf. Figure 4), to rapid solution switching activated single myofibrils (cf. Figure 5; video 2 ).  We focus on calcium homeostasis and regulation of protein function by contractile protein phosphorylation and other forms of post-translation modifications.

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