Practical Information

For Ophthalmologists (self-assessment ... just for fun!)
Indications for biopsy and instructions for tissue handling
For Pathologists (self-assessment ... just for the fun!)
Gross examination techniques and other issues pertaining to the consequences of the diagnosis
Anterior chamber paracentesis Eyelid biopsy
Ciliary body resection Fine-needle aspiration biopsy
Conjunctival biopsy Lacrimal gland biopsy
Corneal buttons Optic nerve biopsy
Corneal epithelial scraping (Acanthameoba identification) Orbital biopsy
Enucleation (removal of the eye) Temporal artery biopsy
Evisceration (removal of ocular contents) Trabeculectomy and iris tissue
Exenteration (removal of orbital contents) Vitrectomy

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