Conjunctival Biopsy - Assessment of Conjunctival Crystals

Conjunctival crystals may be seen in gout, cystinosis, hypergammaglobulinemias and other conditions.

Formalin is not an appropriate fixative for many types of conjunctival crystals. Urate and cystine should be fixed (and processed) in absolute alcohol (without contact by any aqueous medium). Please contact your pathologist or us for information before taking biopsy samples for conjunctival crystals.

Cystine crystals in the conjunctiva of a child with cystinosis

More Questions?

If you have more questions about conjunctival biopsy for crystals, please contact one of us:

Ophthalmic Pathologists

Robert Folberg, MD, FCAP, Director

Deepak P. Edward, MD

Consultation Coordinator

Marnie Pomeroy







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