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Native American Support Program

Student Resources

Program Services

Academic Advising

NASP staff understands that at times University curriculum may conflict with Native traditions and belief. It is believed that rather than turning a back to these conflictions one must fully understand different viewpoints with an open mind. NASP intends to assist in the navigation and provides assistance with the admission process, institutional policies, class registration, graduation requirements, degree programs, transfer guidelines, tutoring, and referrals to appropriate services on and off campus.

Financial Aid Assistance

NASP assists students in obtaining applications and information on scholarships and grant opportunities. NASP also works closely with student to ensure timely filing of funding applications, and has established working relationships with tribal scholarship offices across the country. This tribal collaboration has been the distinguishing feature for NASP that has created opportunities that are unique to Native American students.

Student Liaison

NASP will serve as a Native American student advocate with the intention to assist in any and all issues that may arise. This representation remains strong with alumni that have long past graduated as well.

Recruit and Retention

The primary goal of NASP is toward the enhancement of Native Americans. Ultimately, the endeavor of NASP is to not only increase the Native American presence on campus but to see that they excel in all chosen fields.

Leadership and Professional Development

Student leadership development is supported and encouraged. Learning experiences, such as community sevice, helps students to develop a sense of social and environmental responsibility. Participation in leadership workshops, social events and cultural activities is encouraged to promote personal growth and accomplishments.

Students are involved in organizing programs and social activities for elders, working with disabled citizens, tutoring children at after-school programs and teaching peers about their Native American traditions.

Genealogy Assistance and Tribal Enrollment Assistance

NASP believes in the right for individual self determination. Guidance is provided for those that are committed for in-depth research of their genealogic background.

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