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Out in left field ...The University of Illinois at Chicago has a long and proud history of scholarship in the Neurosciences. Shortly after the merger of the "East" and "West" Campuses to form the University of Illinois at Chicago in the early 1980's, faculty from both Campuses united to form the Committee on Neuroscience which was designed to promote and support the collegial and collaborative efforts of Neuroscientists in the several academic departments that made up UIC. As part of this effort, the Concentration in Neuroscience was established by the Committee on Neuroscience along with the Graduate College in order to provide students receiving doctoral degrees in the various Departmental programs the appropriate recognition for their scholarly achievements in Neuroscience.

The Graduate Program in Neuroscience is the offshoot of the Committee on Neuroscience. The Graduate Program in Neuroscience is not designed to supplant Departmental Programs but to complement and enhance those Programs, provide a curricular infrastructure in Neuroscience and promote collegiality among the Neuroscience faculty and students across the Campus. The Interdepartmental Concentration in Neuroscience will now be managed by the Graduate Program in Neuroscience in order to continue to offer students in Departmental programs the recognition for their achievements and their contributions to the field of Neuroscience.

Requirements for the Interdepartmental Concentration in Neuroscience

When applying for graduation, Ph.D. candidates can elect to claim an Interdepartmental Concentration in Neuroscience. Students must taken either NEUS 501 and 502 or BIOS/PHIL/PSCH 484 and 485 and at least 10 additional hours of Neuroscience courses at the 400 or 500 level (16 credit hours total). Neuroscience electives will be assessed and approved by the Graduate Studies Committee of the Graduate Program in Neuroscience. Research, Departmental seminars (journal clubs) and independent study cannot be included in these 10 hours of course credit. Of these 10 hours, at least 50% must be outside the student’s major department. Students must submit the topic of their doctoral dissertation and a list of the courses in neuroscience that they have successfully completed (a grade of “B” or better) to the Director of Graduate Studies for the Program in Neuroscience before applying for graduation.

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