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Update UIC Neuroscience Faculty Listings!

Thank you for taking the time to help update the Graduate Program in Neuroscience faculty roster. While we want all faculty with an interest in Neuroscience to participate in Neuroscience-related activities, you must be a member of the Graduate College to train Graduate students, to vote in Program elections and to serve on administrative and academic committees. To be a member of the Graduate College you must have a primary or secondary appointment in a Department that has a Graduate College program, be recognized by that Department for your scholarly contributions to the UIC community and be nominated by that Department for an appointment to the Graduate College.

We will use this information to update the Faculty Listings on this Web site which is used to recruit new students to UIC (both for the Graduate Neuroscience Program and Departmental Programs with Concentrations in Neuroscience) and to help our present students select mentors and advisors. This information will also be used to develop databases that can be applied to future training grant submissions.

Please review the list of Program faculty (http://www.uic.edu/depts/neurosci/neurofaculty_08.pdf) . This list is in alphabetical order. If you wish to continue as a member of the Neuroscience training faculty, please complete and submit the form below to update your information. Also, confirm that you are willing and able to support predoctoral trainees as an advisor both academically and financially. With this information, you name will be listed on the UIC Neuroscience Web site categorized by Research Area and Program. Even if you are unable to support a graduate students due to the nature of your work or inability to financially support a student, you can still participate (and will be encouraged to serve) in teaching and committee activities. Please remember though that this information is primarily intended for applicants to the program so that they can identify potential research advisors.

If your name is not on the list and you wish to be included, complete the form below. As you review this list, please note anyone who is on this list and is no longer at UIC - please send a note (jrlarson@psych.uic.edu and pclark5@uic.edu) to let us know. If you do not see a name that you think should be included in the list of Neuroscience faculty, please urge that individual to complete this form.

Please respond as soon as possible. We will send out additional requests for updates to your biographical information and requests for documentation to support the submission of training grants. Thank you for your continuing support of the Graduate Program in Neuroscience.

Your Name:




Your Degree?

M.D. Ph.D.
Other Specify

Primary Department

Rank and Title

Email Mail Code

Secondary Appointment (if any)

eRA Commons Name (if applicable)

Link to Professional Web Page (url)

Primary Research Category (select one keyword)

Secondary Research Category (select one keyword)

Three Recent Publications (Please use the PubMed citation format: Smith AB. Title of Article. J Neurosci. 2011 Sept 1; vol (no):pp-pp.)

Are you a member of the Graduate College (do not assume that you are, especially if your primary appointment is in a traditional clinical department - check listings on the Graduate College Web site under Faculty Listings)?


Are you now able or do you expect to be able to support a graduate student in your laboratory from your personal or departmental funds after his/her first year in graduate school?


If you are presently mentoring graduate students, please list their names and source of support.

Are you now able or do you expect to be able to support a postdoctoral fellow in your laboratory from your personal or departmental funds?


If you are presently mentoring postdoctoral students, please list their names and source of support.

What role(s) do you see yourself playing in the Graduate Program in Neuroscience?

Dissertation Advisor

Course Director/Lecturer

Committee Member (e.g. Graduate Studies Committee)

Member only

No, I am not interested in participating in the Graduate Program


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Problems with this form?  Contact John Larson and Perry Clark.


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