Sleep Disorders Clinic

The new Sleep Disorders Clinic offers comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders including sleep-disordered breathing, sleep-associated arousal disorders, sleep-associated movement disorders, insomnia, and circadian rhythm disorders. The clinic also performs comprehensive follow-up and treatment adherence evaluation for patients with sleep-disordered breathing using downloadable microchip technology. Diagnostic testing is performed through the Medical Center's state-of-the-art sleep laboratory.

Sleep Lab Team:

James Herdegen, MD
Christopher Sola Olopade, MD
Lucinda Clark, RN, APN

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Magnification Endoscopy Helps Identify Patients at Risk for Colon Cancer

A unique procedure being offered at the University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago may become the benchmark to guide physicians in determining a patient's risk for colon cancer.

Using magnification endoscopy, doctors can see microscopic lesions of the colon not visible during a standard colonoscopy. The lesions may be an important biomarker for the development of colon cancer several years before polyps appear.