Chicago Civic Leadership Certificate Program CCLCP

CCLCP internships enable students
to apply skills to community-based projects

After completing the CCLCP course sequence, students are ready to extend their engagement with community issues and organizations through internships. CCLCP internships differ from traditional arrangements in that interns focus on completing specific projects on an organization’s agenda, rather than on gaining a general orientation to a particular work environment. Beside offering valuable experience, CCLCP internships provide credit hours that can be counted toward a degree.

CCLCP internships will benefit community partner organizations in several ways:

  • Work will get done. Interns will undertake research, writing, or other communication projects that may have been “on hold” for lack of staff resources.
  • There is no cost to the community partner.
  • Internships are flexible, to meet partner needs. An intern may take on one major project, or two or more smaller projects during the 15-week internship.


To benefit students, CCLCP internships are flexible, yet supervised:

  • The number of course credits awarded to a CCLCP intern depends on the number of on-site hours devoted to the internship during a semester. One credit is awarded for each 30 hours spent working on-site. When registering, the intern decides, with host approval, how many credits to earn.
  • Interns identify their own internship hosts, subject to CCLCP staff approval.
  • Internships are supervised by CCLCP staff, who oversee interns’ progress on projects, and maintain contact with organizations that host interns.


For more information about the CCLCP internship program, please e-mail CCLCP Associate Director Diane Chin at