Chicago Civic Leadership Certificate Program CCLCP

The ‘CCLCP Advantage’
lights the way

From CCLCP alumni, we've learned that the 'CCLCP advantage' can open doors to a fulfilling and successful future.

  • Because CCLCP students come to see the relevance of academic work to accomplishment in the off-campus world, they are strongly motivated to complete their educations.
  • The CCLCP experience helps students perform more confidently and successfully in other university classes, particularly when it comes to academic writing and research, participating in discussions, and publicly presenting their work.
  • During their CCLCP experience, many students have discovered their deepest interests, leading to solid choices of university majors and minors, graduate programs, and careers.
  • A personal portfolio of CCLCP accomplishments is a key support for applications for scholarships, fellowships, internships, graduate or professional school, and employment.
  • CCLCP sparks an interest in community participation and leadership and equips students to make the changes they want to see in the world.
  • Through CCLCP, students have formed long-term friendships and valuable professional connections.