Chicago Civic Leadership Certificate Program CCLCP

Students gain something special in CCLCP

"I honestly believe that applying for CCLCP was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made thus far in my college career….Overall, CCLCP put me miles ahead of other business majors in terms of work experience and professionalism and will be a solid foundation for success in my future."
Katie Bauer, CCLCP 2010-12

"I believe that CCLCP will help me get to where I want to be in life by helping me understand what it takes to be a leader."
Alberto Espinosa, CCLCP 2004-06

CCLCP students represent a wide range of academic and professional interests. Most major in Liberal Arts & Sciences fields as varied as biology, criminal justice, English, political science, anthropology, sociology, and psychology. Others pursue degrees from the Colleges of Education, Architecture and the Arts, Business Administration, Engineering, or Nursing. Many CCLCP students, after earning their bachelors degrees, go on to professional school in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, law, or social work, or embark on a master’s degree.


"I strongly believe that this type of hands-on, real-world learning experience is the most effective form of education because it fosters the sense of engaged citizenship that our society needs in order to advance."
Sahar Alchammae, CCLCP 2010-12

“Working with Inspiration Corporation [a community partner] and the CCLCP program has really been the chance of a lifetime. I thank you for this opportunity, which has been filled with rewarding experiences and challenging projects.”

Kerry Gawne, CCLCP 2010-12


Most CCLCP students, like most UIC students, are Illinois residents. Typically, roughly half of each CCLCP cohort attended suburban Chicago high schools, and about half attended high school in Chicago, although, typically, a few students in each CCLCP “class” come to UIC from Illinois high schools outside the Chicago metro area. An overwhelmingly majority of CCLCP students attended public high schools.


“CCLCP is a prime example of bringing the students and the neighborhood together in an effort to enhance both.”

Caitlyn Costello, CCLCP 2004-06


CCLCP aims to help students acquire core academic knowledge and skills, engage with community and civic life in meaningful ways, and develop their leadership talents. CCLCP is very different from other academic programs because it offers undergraduates the chance to apply what they learn in the classroom in real-world contexts. Student projects “escape” the classroom because CCLCP students work in partnership with community-based organizations that address a range of civic, social and cultural issues. It is extremely unusual for undergraduate first- and second-year students to have course-related opportunities to learn from working professionals in an off-campus setting.


CCLCP student projects not only happen in the real world, but also have consequences for people who live and work in that world. CCLCP students’ projects are important to community life. The work of CCLCP students is worth far more than just a grade.


“CCLCP courses are the most meaningful classes that I have taken so far at UIC. I learn through experience about issues that many do not face until they enter the professional working world.”

Megan Borowski, CCLCP 2007-09