Chicago Civic Leadership Certificate Program CCLCP

Community partnerships
make learning matter


The opportunity to work with and learn from community-based non-profit and public service organizations is a key factor in CCLCP students’ academic progress.


But the benefits of partnership also flow into the community because our partner organizations gain capacity. CCLCP students offer community partners meaningful and useful research-based projects and fresh ideas and perspectives. Because CCLCP aims to build, not diminish, partner organizations’ resources, we also provide stipends to partners as fair compensation for the time and effort their staffs devote to teach­ing and mentoring our students.


For the first three CCLCP courses, CCLCP instructors and professional staff members of community partner organizations collaboratively plan student projects. Projects are designed to enable students to apply their academic skills and knowledge to work that benefits their partner organizations. As students develop their projects “in the field,” they are taught and mentored by community partners.  


In the fourth CCLCP course, students work with their partner organizations to design a capstone project. Instructor approval is required, but instructors do not participate in project design.


Through community partnerships, CCLCP cultivates in students not only a set of core academic skills, but also a sense of civic respon­sibility and a heightened awareness of community issues. The leaders of our partner organizations know their missions depend on an active and aware citizenry, and, therefore, are eager to prepare young people for roles in civil society.