Chicago Civic Leadership Certificate Program CCLCP

Chicago Civic Leadership Certificate Program
pushes back classroom walls to encompass city

The goal of The Chicago Civic Leadership Certificate Program (CCLCP) is to enhance undergraduate academics by grounding learning not only in the classroom, but also in the vibrant, sometimes challenging, and always fascinating communities comprised by the City of Chicago. This goal is reached through a sequence of four courses leading to internships and other opportunities awaiting CCLCP graduates.


CCLCP students achieve unique learning outcomes by partnering with not-for-profit community service organizations and/or local government units. CCLCP instructors and community partners work together to co-plan courses and student research and writing projects, and to teach and mentor CCLCP students. Student projects are rooted in reciprocity; projects must advance the work of the community partner while advancing student understanding and mastery of core academic principles.


CCCLP offers students the chance to develop: communication skills, particularly in rhetoric and writing; research skills and experience; a deep understanding of leadership and community life; and insight into the relationship between academic knowledge and skills and the ability to take action and make change in the “real world.” Participation in CCLCP fosters academic and intellectual growth. As CCLCP graduates report, the program also provides inspiration for important individual decisions about academic and career paths and about one’s role as an informed and active citizen in a participatory democracy.


CCLCP, the first undergraduate community-based academic program at UIC, is open to students enrolled in any college and major; students must join CCLCP as entering freshmen. Students who successfully complete the CCLCP curriculum earn the Chicago Civic Leadership Certificate, a distinction noted on the academic transcript. Third- and fourth-year CCLCP-certificated students are eligible for optional, credit-bearing, community-based internships sponsored by CCLCP.