Chicago Civic Leadership Certificate Program CCLCP

CCLCP students apply expertise
to consequential capstone projects

The final course in the CCLCP sequence asks students to work with a community partner organization of their choice to design and implement a significant project. A CCLCP capstone project must significantly advance the service mission of the community partner while requiring the student to creatively apply rhetoric, writing, research, and analytic thinking skills developed in CCLCP.


Capstone projects are accomplished “in the field,” at the community partner’s headquarters or other off-campus site. Classroom instruction is designed to support and enhance students’ field work.


During the creation and completion of their capstone projects, CCLCP students see, first-hand, how classroom lessons and academic knowledge can be applied to solving problems and achieving important goals in the off-campus world.


Exemplary capstone projects win awards

May 2012: Sahar Alchammae won the Capstone Award for her work on the first-ever annual report published by Equestrian Connections. The not-for-profit offers hippotherapy (therapeutic horseback riding) to children and youth with disabilities as well as a variety of other programs.

May 2010: The Capstone Award was earned by a project created for Erie Neighborhood House by CCLCP student Andrew Wiltz.

May 2009: CCLCP students Ashraf Abbas and Aleksa Slapsys won the first CCLCP Capstone Award for their project, created for the Community Health Centers of UIC’s Great Cities Neighborhoods Initiatives.

December 2006: Two CCLCP capstone projects won recognition from the Carter Academic Service Entrepreneurship (CASE) program sponsored by the Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter Partnership Foundation. The CASE awards included grants to help community partners continue and extend the work accomplished by CCLCP students. The winning projects were created by students Geetha Pedapati and Naida Serak for Openlands and by Lauren Jennings for the Community Health Centers of UIC’s Great Cities Neighborhoods Initiatives.