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Reference Guide for Appointments Requiring BOT/Chancellor/Provost Approval

Table of Contents

I. Appointment Approval Requirements/Documents

  1. Checklist for Offer Packets
  2. Required Documentation for Appointment Offers
  3. Additional Approval Requirements for Administrative and Faculty Appointments Beyond the College/Administration Level
  4. Tenure Review and Approval Process
  5. General Terms of Employment for Academic Staff
  6. Examples of appointments requiring PRIOR Provost/Chancellor approval
  7. Sample Offer Letters

II.   Chancellor (BOT) Briefing Requirements/Documentation

  1. Instructions for Chancellor’s (BOT) Briefing Document
  2. Example of Chancellor's (BOT) Briefing Document

III.    University of Illinois Board of Trustees Guidelines/Documents

  1. University of Illinois Board of Trustees Schedule of Meetings
  2. Guidelines for Entries in the Secretary’s Report
  3. Examples of appointments requiring PRIOR Board approval