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American Sign Language training for University Staff
This project seeks to develop successive training sessions in American Sign Language (ASL) for faculty and staff at UIC. The training introduces the fundamentals of ASL used by the Deaf Community, including basic vocabulary, syntax, finger spelling, and grammatical non-manual signals.  It is designed for people who have little or no previous knowledge of ASL. Also, it includes Deaf Culture, effective communication rules with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students and/or co-workers, and Deaf awareness from a perspective of paradigm change (from the medical vision to the social one: Deaf people as Cultural and linguistic minority).

Academic Computing and Communication Center (ACCC) Accessibility
Academic Computing and Communications Center (ACCC) and Disability Resource Center (DRC) have a longstanding partnership in working to make computing accessible for people with disabilities on campus, which has been integral in providing quality computing services for all people.  To enhance this partnership, the Accessible Computing Partnership Project was developed to ensure that people with disabilities have a high level of access, support, and training on workstations with specialized hardware and software in the ACCC computer labs.   The main areas of focus for this project include clearly marking and publicizing the locations of accessible workstations, ensuring hardware and software are running smoothly, training ACCC staff to support assistive technology, and communicating about new technologies available.

Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities (
The mission of the CCSPD is to promote empowerment and inclusion of students, faculty and staff with disabilities at UIC. The Committee recognizes that people with disabilities are a diverse group, including individuals with visible and non-visible disabilities. The CCSPD shall provide a forum for discussion and assessment of disability-related issues that are relevant for the campus and the larger community. In addition, the CCSPD shall advise the Chancellor and other administrative units and make recommendations on disability-related issues, policies, services, attitudes and practices on campus. This mission is motivated by the belief that people with disabilities are assets to the university, not liabilities.

Documenting Accessibility at UIC Demonstrating Accessibility
Visual documenting the evolving state of accessibility on the UIC campus is important for highlighting our strengths and weaknesses and developing benchmarks to reflect upon.  Through photo and video, this initiative captures both good and problematic examples of access on campus as well as events that promote awareness and education on disability issues.

Libraries Accessible for All
This project, a partnership between the DRC and the University Library, has as its goal developing recommendations for making UIC Libraries more accessible. 
The Libraries Accessible for All Task Force and it successor the Implementation Task Force are part of the Libraries Accessibility Project. The project focuses on assessing current services and materials available through the UIC Libraries, researching best practices in the area of accessible library services, and making changes that promote universal accessibility both physically and virtually.

Physically Accessible Campus
The Map Committee is a joint project of the Disability Resource Center and Facilities Information Management.  Facility Access Consultants from the Disability Resource Center and Facilities Information Management (FIM) staff work together toward the goal of providing maps of all accessible routes and features on campus to all students via the University of Illinois at Chicago web site.  Campus facility audits are assessments of accessible features; these audits are primarily conducted by Facility Access Consultants.  The goal of the audits is to document accessible features on campus and translate this information onto maps for distribution, as well as make recommendations for accessible features.

Office for Access and Equity (
The Office for Access and Equity is part of the Office of the Chancellor and is responsible for Equal Opportunity, diversity, as well as legal complaints, investigations, consultations, and dispute resolutions.  OAE also maintains university status reports to include diversity profiles and statistics.

Classes, presentations, and workshops developed by the DRC.

Web Accessibility Committee (
The University of Illinois at Chicago Web Accessibility Committee oversees the policy and procedures relating to accessibility of online information. This committee supports the campus in the process of advancing Web accessibility through:

  1. Coordinating training and assistance with Web accessibility
  2. Providing accessibility assessment tools
  3. Providing reports and recommendations on how campus Webmasters can improve their sites to meet current best practices and established accessibility guidelines
  4. Developing policies to make online information more accessible and usable
  5. Assisting Webmasters by providing clear campus guidelines on how to improve accessibility
  6. Helping the campus prioritize efforts in creating new Web sites and modifying older Web sites.

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