Exam Proctoring


1.    Accommodating Exams:

       Proctoring is a service provided to faculty so they can meet their obligation to provide testing accommodations to students with disabilities. Testing at the Disability Resource Center (DRC) is not a requirement.  If the faculty and student can come to an acceptable agreement which accommodates the student (per the student’s Letter of Accommodation) in the department, then the DRC does not need to be involved in proctoring the exam.

2.    Scribes/Readers:

       It is the instructor's responsibility to try and locate a TA, upperclassman, or someone within the department to serve as a scribe or a reader for a student.  If the student takes their exams in the DRC, our office should be notified who will be working with the student on the day of the exam.  Scribes and readers should not assist the student with course content and are only used to either write what the student says, or read the exam questions aloud.  If you are having trouble finding someone to scribe for the exam, please let our office know as soon as possible. 

3.    Scheduling Exams:

       Students requesting that an exam be taken at DRC must schedule a date and time with our office no less than one (1) week prior to the time they wish to take the exam.

4.    Exam Delivery:

       Exams must be delivered with the Exam Proctoring Form (reverse of this page) to the DRC through one of the following methods no less than one day prior to the scheduled exam date:

a.    Instructor (or designee) may bring exam to the Disability Resource Center (1190 SSB).

b.   Instructor may FAX the exam to the Disability Resource Center at (312) 413-7781.

c. Exams can be sent as e-mail attachments to the Testing Coordinator at <accesstesting@uic.edu>

d. Exam Proctoring Forms can be filled out online at drc.uic.edu under "Online Forms"

5.    Exam Returns:

       Exams will be returned to instructors per their instructions as indicated on the Exam Proctoring Form.


Test Security

1.    Test security is a high priority for Disability Resource Center.  Our testing facility has limited hours and space, which may necessitate exams being administered at a time other than the class time.

2.    Students taking exams at Disability Resource Center will be monitored, and incidents of dishonesty will be reported to the instructor.

3.    All exams—blank and completed—are secured by Disability Resource Center.


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