Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students who register with the DRC may receive a variety of services most appropriate for their specific needs in order to maintain equal opportunities and equal access to educational and extra-curricular events.
If you are a current or prospective student and wish to discuss appropriate and reasonable services, please contact the DRC Communication Access Consultant.  Students who are already registered with our office may request an interpreter using this form or by contacting the DRC Communication Access Consult.
Each student who receives the interpreter or captioning services may be required to sign our student rights and responsibilities contract to ensure the student and the service providers maintain good standards of services.  See the guidelines for students using interpreting services.

The DRC provides a wide variety of services to meet deaf and hard of hearing students needs. Please refer to the service policy for interpreting and captioning services for more information and read the descriptions of some of our services below:

Types of Services Provided at the DRC:

Communication Access Time Captioning (CART)

Some students may use a court recording type system (CART) to provide real-time and verbatim captions. CART provides immediate viewing of auditory information. The student can sit next to the CART provider or receive the text by remote CART.

Sign Language and Oral Interpreters

Sign language and oral interpreters are available for classes and campus events. Requesting these services promptly following registration ensures sufficient time to provide appropriate support services for academics. Given advance notice, the DRC provides interpreters for classes, class events, and for students attending campus events.  

Assistive Listening Devices

On a short-term basis, the DRC will lend FM amplification systems for students to use in the classroom and other school related functions. Portable transmitters are also available.

Services that the DRC does not provide for:

Interpreting services through the DRC are not available for public activities. Public, self-supporting university units (e.g., UIC Pavilion) are responsible for providing their own interpreting services for the general public.  This includes non-academic credit and/or fee-based programs, lectures, classes, workshops, conferences, and activities. Non-university units that need interpreting services for activities or programs not covered by the DRC can contact the following agencies:

Deaf Communication by Innovation:

Alternative Communication Services:
Chicago Area Interpreting Referral Service:

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