Exam Accommodations

Exam accommodations are available for individuals who have disabilities that affect their ability to take tests or quizzes.

Before you receive exam accommodations, you must schedule a meeting with the Disability Specialist to determine the most appropriate testing accommodations for your documented disability. At this meeting you will be asked to sign a Test Proctoring Policy. By signing this form, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of receiving exam accommodations and the use of the Disability Resource Center for exams. Each student will be required to sign a Test Security form.

Before each exam the professor will be required to bring in/submit an Exam Proctoring Form.

Possible exam accommodations include (but are not limited to):

  • extended time
  • a separate room
  • use of a CCTV
  • use of Jaws, or other assistive technology
  • computer for essay exams
    Reader (someone who reads the exam word per word to you)
  • Scribe (someone who writes the exam for you word per word as you dictate)
  • Use of a memory aid in exams
    To not be penalized for spelling errors
  • Circle answers directly on test instead of in scantron format
  • Supervised breaks during exams

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