Guidelines for Students using Interpresters and/or Cart Services

The DRC provides sign language interpreters and CART services for deaf students on campus. To ensure quality services, the DRC asks that you follow these guidelines. With your cooperation we will be able to maintain high standards of services.

1. You MUST submit an official copy of your class schedule to the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Specialist at 1200 W. Harrison, suite #1190:
Fall Semester June 15th
Spring Semester December 10th
4 week Summer Semester April 19th and 8 week Summer Session by May 16th

This should include the name and number of the classes, section number, days, times (beginning and ending times) and location. If you know your Professor’s name please include that. It is very important that you notify us  of any changes to your schedule.

2. To provide each student with the most qualified and certified interpreters and Real-Time captioners, please note that you may be asked to adjust your class schedule to fit with availability and scheduling.

3. Please submit a copy of your exam schedule as soon as it is available to you. Please notify the DRC of your service needs for the exam.

4. If you are going to be late for class for any reason, you MUST notify the DRC by emailing or calling the Communication Access Coordinator who specializes in services for Deaf and hard of hearing students or by calling the office to speak with the receptionist. If you did not notify us, and you arrive after the interpreter has left, you will be considered a no-show. Interpreters will wait 20 minutes and if you do not show up, they will leave.

5. If you are not attending class, you MUST notify the DRC or you will be considered a no-show.

6. If you are a no-show for a total of three class periods in a semester, all of your interpreters/CART services will be cancelled. To reinstate your interpreters you will need to make an appointment with the Communication Access Consultant.

7. If your interpreter/CART provider does not show up for class, wait ten minutes then contact the DRC to notify us.

8. If you need an interpreter/service provider for a class related event such as a meeting with a professor or a required out of class meeting, make the request at least 7 days in advance if possible. If requests are made less than 7 days in advance, the DRC will do their best to honor these requests whenever possible.

9. If you need an interpreter for anything that is not related to your classes, the DRC will attempt to identify available interpreters and appropriate funding for that service.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies or with specific interpreters, please contact the Communication Access Consultant.
I have read and understand these guidelines and agree to follow them.

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