Personal Assistant Support

The Disability Resource Center is dedicated to helping students live independently on campus. For some students, living independently may require hiring a personal assistant (PA) for support with household tasks, personal care or other needs.


PAs are hired, employed, and supervised directly by the individual. The DRC cannot directly provide or manage PA services due to liability concerns, but the DRC can advise students on obtaining funding, recruiting/hiring PAs and managing your PAs.  We can also assist you with making sure that your PA can meet your specific needs by working with you to develop PA requirements and trainings.


Students who would like to determine if they are eligible for PA services should contact the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS) directly.  If you have already been approved for funding and need help finding a PA, the DRC can direct you to the appropriate community resources.  For support with any of these steps or for more information on PA services, please contact the DRC at (312) 413-2183 to discuss with your Disability Specialist.


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