Supporting a Diverse Student Body

UIC is proud to be recognized as one of the most diverse universities campuses in the United States, and we recognizes that diversity must be linked to social justice, access and equity in order to be robust and substantive.

We join with campus and student leaders at colleges and universities across America in the call for immigration reform to attract, retain and educate the many deserving students who represent the world’s best and brightest and contribute to our cultural and intellectual diversity.

At UIC we support these students every day as we guide prospective students through the college application process and to permitted sources of funding for their education.

Information about resources available to undocumented students at UIC

For our current students, we strive to ensure a welcoming and sustaining climate for learning and living. Among UIC’s ongoing initiatives on behalf of its diverse student body are:

       Who Qualifies for In-State Tuition?


These are but a few of the initiatives and ongoing programs taking place at UIC in support of immigrant students. UIC is a campus with a global perspective, strongly rooted in Chicago, but with a statewide presence and responsibility. We believe that the interests of all are best served by a skilled and diverse population made up of the brightest minds to be found on these shores. We are proud to stand with our students and others across the country in support of immigration reform and access to education.