Announcement from UIC Provost and Co-Chairpersons of DSTP Committee
Diversity Strategic Thinking Townhall Follow-up
(May 12, 2010)

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

We would like to thank you for your contributions to the Diversity Strategic Thinking draft document "Through the Lens of Diversity" and for your attendance at the recent Diversity Town Hall Meetings.

The comments we received on the draft document will prove very beneficial to finalizing Phase 1 of the Diversity Strategic Thinking and Planning process. The DSTP Committee will release a final version of "Through the Lens of Diversity" this fall. The final document will incorporate input received in the town hall meetings and separately from students, staff and faculty.

Moving forward into the planning process this summer, the DSTP Committee will begin to formulate high-level priorities and goals as the framework for UIC's Diversity Strategic Plan. The Committee will propose new actions, such as new programs, and training and assessment to enhance the success of our institution. The planning process will offer us an opportunity to emphasize the value of our current partnerships and to be more creative in building additional collaborations on campus and in our surrounding communities. Importantly, the plan will include concrete recommendations in terms of leadership, accountability and assessment.

We recognize that there is still much uncertainty in terms of our financial situation, and that as a result, challenges will be placed upon every single program and activity at UIC. During this very challenging period, UIC will maintain our national leadership in diversity and our commitment to integrating diversity more thoroughly into our core mission. We look forward to a Diversity Strategic Plan to guide us in enriching our teaching, research and service by drawing fully upon the diverse experiences and perspectives of the people engaged in these activities.

Thank you again for your support and work towards this major campus initiative and for your commitment to diversity.


R. Michael Tanner
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Lon Kaufman
Co-Chair, Diversity Strategic Thinking and Planning Committee
Vice Provost for Planning and Programs, and Professor, Biological Sciences

William Walden
Co-Chair, Diversity Strategic Thinking and Planning Committee
Special Assistant to the Provost for Diversity and Professor, Microbiology and Immunology