UIC Diversity Strategic Thinking and Planning (DSTP) Introduction

Diversity is a characteristic of UIC from which we derive great pride and strength. However, UIC has not yet realized the full benefits of its diversity, nor have we yet achieved the broad diversity to which we aspire. To coordinate and structure our approaches to these issues UIC is engaged in Diversity Strategic Thinking and Planning (DSTP) at both the campus level and within colleges and administrative units.

To facilitate the implementation of Diversity Strategic Thinking and Planning at UIC, a campus-level DSTP Committee chaired by William Walden, Special Assistant to the Provost for Diversity and Lon Kaufman, formerly Vice Provost for Planning and Programs will work collaboratively with committees in the colleges and administrative units. The DSTP Committee will also collaborate with a Student Advisory Committee that was created in order to support and increase student engagement in the DSTP process.

The DSTP process will occur in two stages: Diversity Strategic Thinking and Diversity Strategic Planning. The two stages of the process are outlined below:

Phase I: Diversity Strategic Thinking (January 2009 – May 2010)
Phase II: Diversity Strategic Planning (June 2010 – January 2012)

This website will be used to share information about the DSTP process and to elicit your perspectives, goals and concerns. The web site will also have draft documents for your review and comment, once they are available. We hope you will revisit the site and contact us with any questions or comments.

The DSTP process will move us to collectively understand the ways in which diversity benefits all of our activities, the measures necessary to achieve these benefits, and the approaches we will take to continually assess our efforts. It is our hope that faculty, staff, and students will be encouraged to participate in the DSTP process and that all will feel empowered to share their perspectives and ideas. Conversations about diversity are not always easy or comfortable, but they are necessary if the benefits of diversity are to be fully realized.