Phase I: Diversity Strategic Thinking
(January 2009 – May 2010)

In fall 2008, the Provost sought nominations from Deans and Vice Chancellors of individuals to serve on a campus-level Diversity Strategic Thinking and Planning Committee. The DSTP Committee met over many weeks and worked to outline the DSTP process. The DSTP Committee devoted 2009 to Diversity Strategic Thinking. The goal of this first stage of the process was to consider how UIC interprets, accomplishes, assesses, and utilizes our diversity.

In early 2010, the DSTP committee drafted a formal document outlining campus diversity philosophies, current activites and future priorities. The Diversity Strategic Thinking document, Through the Lens of Diversity, was shared with the campus in March 2010 and discussed in a series of town hall meetings.

Diversity Strategic Thinking has also occurred within the colleges and administrative units. College and unit diversity committees were assembled by Deans and Vice Chancellors and will – like the campus DSTP Committee – complete a Diversity Strategic Thinking exercise and work collaboratively to share information with one another and with the campus.

The efforts of the campus-level DSTP committee and college/unit commitees, and their communications with students, faculty, and staff will provide the foundation for stage two of the process in which a campus and college/unit Diversity Strategic Plans are developed.


Phase II: Diversity Strategic Planning (Spring 2010 - January 2012)