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National Academies Committee

UIC has stellar faculty conducting exciting and innovative research. UIC faculty are recognized nationally and internationally for their work. Yet, the number of faculty who are members or fellows in national academies does not commensurate with the caliber of our faculty. We need a way to help identify and advocate UIC faculty for memberships in various national academies.

To spearhead this effort, Chancellor Allen-Meares has established the UIC National Academies Committee. This committee will help identify faculty that are viable candidates for membership in national academies and strategize on how to advance or position them for consideration in major honorific societies.

Mitra Dutta, professor and head, electrical and computer engineering (fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science), and Chancellor Allen-Mears (member, Institute of Medicine) are co-chairs of this committee with the following faculty, many of whom are members of national academies: Juan Carlos Campuzano, professor of physics (fellow, American Physical Society), George Crabtree, distinguished professor of physics (member, National Academy of Sciences) Caswell Evans, associate dean for prevention and public health sciences (member, Institute of Medicine), Guela Gibori, professor of physiology and biophysics (fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science), James Pellegrino, professor of psychology and education (member, National Academy of Education), Anna Roosevelt, professor of anthropology (fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences and MacArthur Fellow) David Borth, professor of electrical and computer engineering (member, National Academy of Engineering), and Renee Taylor, interim vice provost for faculty affairs.

The committee has compiled a list of faculty who are members and fellows in the national academies and other major honorific societies. The web page includes a form faculty may fill out if their name is missing from the list. The committee welcomes suggestions for strategies and they can be sent to Angela Yudt (, who is staffing this committee.

UIC is proud of our faculty and their achievements, and we need to help recognize, promote and advance our faculty.