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Course Evalutions: Handbook for UIC Student Evaluation of Teaching Program 2014

This handbook, produced by the Office for Faculty Affairs, is for use by UIC Faculty and Staff (Departmental Points of Contact) for implementation of the online student evaluation program at UIC.

Download the handbook (pdf)

Online Course Evaluations flyer

For more information or with any questions, contact Katherine Franck, Instructional Development Specialist,, (312) 413-1588.

Fall 2014 Timeline

Course Evaluation Results

Preparing Students for Course Evaluations and Increasing Response Rates

Preparing for the Evaluations: Issues to Avoid

Course Evaluation of Teaching Frequently Asked Questions

Online Student Evaluations of Teaching at UIC

Student evaluations of teaching play a fundamental role in improving course content, format, and delivery (teaching) at UIC. The Office for Faculty Affairs offers all Colleges and Departments the opportunity to participate in an online course evaluation system provided via the Office for Faculty Affairs. The online system (provided by Class Climate, a subsidiary of Scantron) replaces Scantron's paper-based system that the Office for Faculty Affairs previously used. Our online system is equipped with enhanced accessibility for students and several automations, allowing our staff to process a high volume of course evaluations in a more systematic and time-efficient manner.

How the System Works

Students receive an email invitation with the following title in the subject line: "UIC Student Evaluation of Teaching [Course Name] [Instructor Name] [Semester, Year]." The body of the email will reiterate the course name, instructor name and semester; it will contain a link and a unique student password for the online evaluation for that course. Students will complete the evaluation online and the summary report sent to instructors via email. Reports will go out to instructors following the posting of final grades for the course. Your Departmental Point of Contact will also receive a complete report that includes the reports for all participating faculty members.

What Students See

Currently, the Office for Faculty Affairs offers eight (8) versions of the student evaluation of teaching form (refer to the link to view these different forms). Each department has the option to select its own version of the form. The Office for Faculty Affairs offers one option per department.

  1. The version your department selects may be among the eight options listed in Appendix C, or your department may choose items from
  2. Your department may use UIUC's ICES Library of items to create a customized teaching evaluation form, if you do not yet have one or you want to change the one you have.
  3. If you have any questions regarding the version your department has selected, please contact your Departmental Point of Contact or the Office for Faculty Affairs.
  4. Common across the forms is the initial set of (8) eight core questions recommended.