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September 7, 2003


9-9:30 Introduction by the Provost
9:30-10:30 Conversation on the three key questions on Gen Ed: breakout groups
10:30-11 Summary of groups


To start a conversation at UIC on the following key questions related to General Education:

(1) What is the hallmark of UIC General Education?

(2) What do we want our graduates to have in terms of Gen Ed?

(3) How do we know our students have what we want them to have?


Participants were members of the faculty, staff, and administration. (Please click here to see a report with detailed information about the participants in the conversations)

Results of September 12 Meeting:

1. A full list of the ideas generated at each of the ten individual tables at the Sept. 12 meeting.
2. A detailed compilation of the full set of ideas.
3. The results of a facilitated discussion by the General Education Committee.

Participants were asked to continue the conversation in their units (using the above documents) after this meeting and bring back input to the second campus Gen Ed conversation held on November 14, 9-11 a.m. in the Cardinal Room, CCC.

Gen Ed Conversation II