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General Education Requirements

General Education Core

The General Education Core includes the following six categories. This section of the catalog provides a description and list of courses for each category.

  I.          Analyzing the Natural World
  II.        Understanding the Individual and Society
  III. Understanding the Past
  IV. Understanding the Creative Arts
  V. Exploring World Cultures
  VI. Understanding U.S. Society

General Education Proficiencies

The University Writing requirement is common across all colleges. Individual colleges may have additional General Education requirements and proficiencies. Students should consult their college and department sections of the catalog for information about fulfilling the General Education requirements as a required part of their degree program.

University Writing Requirement

Students must demonstrate proficiency in written English by earning passing grades in English 160 and English 161, or by achieving proficiency in one or both of these courses certified in writing by the Department of English. The Department of English reserves the right to require a student to take a preparatory course as a prerequisite for English 160 if the student’s score on the Writing Placement Test reveals the need for such a course. Whenever questions arrive with regard to the fulfillment of the University Writing requirement through transfer courses, a writing portfolio, or standard examinations, the Department of English will determine whether to grant the student an exemption from the requirement.

Students should consult their college section of the Undergraduate Catalog for more information on fulfilling the University Writing requirement as part of their degree program.