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The GLC Option

You can earn a Campus Certificate in Global Studies that will appear on your transcript by taking a freshman seminar that meets one day a week and GLC General Education courses as your schedule allows. 

GLC Certificate Requirements         
LAS 111 (first semester, freshman year) 1
LAS 112 (second semester, freshman year)  1
Global Area Course #1 3
Global Area Course #2 3
Global Area Course #3 3
Global Area Course #4 3
Global Themes Course 3
  17 hours total

How do I choose this option? 

Fall 2014 GLC Courses

Individualize your program of study

Talk with the GLC Program Coordinator for details about how to design your own program for completing the certificate.   

How is the GLC program related to the General Education Program?

The GLC program is designed to help you to fulfill General Education requirements and to learn more about global issues that interest you. Courses you choose in order to receive a Global Learning Certificate will ALSO fulfill General Education and other University requirements. 

How can I become a part of the GLC program?

During Freshman Orientation, an advisor will speak to you with a group of other incoming Freshmen about courses you should choose for your first semester. You should inform this advisor that you want to participate in the program. He or she will then give you additional instructions for how to register for classes. 

How will I know about my progress in the program?

The GLC office will keep a file showing your progress and provide you with advice about the program and about other campus resources, such as study abroad, campus events and internships. The Program Coordinator and designated advisors will regularly meet with GLC students and will help them to choose courses that will fulfill both their General Education and GLC requirements. To see a list of these requirements, please see our online curriculum form

How will I know what courses to take each semester?

Advisors will provide you with a list at Freshman Orientation, and the Program Coordinator will be available during later semesters.  Also, from our online curriculum form, you can find lists of available.  Next to the titles of each course, you will also find the names of which General Education category each course fulfills (e.g., Individual and Society and World Cultures). 


For other questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions