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GLC Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the GLC the same as a minor? 

No. Unlike the courses of a minor, which are normally narrowly focused within the confines of a discipline or department, GLC courses are broadly focused and primarily introductory in nature, with few or no prerequisites and are offered by over fifteen departments and programs across several colleges. Consequently, these courses can serve to fulfill general education, major, minor and hourly requirements, as well as the requirements of the GLC.

Is a foreign language required?

No. In order to allow students from different colleges at UIC to participate in the program, no foreign language is required. However, students are encouraged to take a foreign language while studying abroad and can receive GLC credit for UIC advanced-level foreign language courses. 

Is study abroad required?

No, but it is highly encouraged.  The program will strongly urge students to fulfill some of the requirements of the certificate by either studying abroad or pursuing an internationally focused internship. The program will work closely with the Study Abroad Office and internship programs to remove or reduce financial and personal obstacles to student participation in these programs.  If necessary, however, students will be able to fulfill the requirements of the certificate program by completing their 17 hours of coursework entirely at UIC.

Can GLC courses count towards other UIC requirements?

Yes.  GLC courses all fulfill General Education and University credit-hour requirements.  Many of them can fulfill both General Education and major or minor requirements.  It is recommended that you meet with a program representative each semester to update your file and to answer any questions you have about course credit.  

Will I be penalized for dropping out of the program?

No.  Students are encouraged to visit our office and inform us that they are leaving the program.  However, there is no penalty for leaving the program.  Your GLC courses will still serve to fulfill other University, College and Departmental requirements.