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The Global Learning Community Seminar (LAS 111 and LAS 112)

LAS 111 is a one-hour, once-a-week freshman seminar exclusively for students participating in the GLC program. In this seminar, you will learn about global issues, be introduced to UIC’s most up-to-date technological resources and meet leaders from the international business, political and cultural communities. With an emphasis on small class discussions and guest speakers, the purpose of the seminar is to help you to meet people with similar interests and to learn how your UIC courses relate to the world around you.  

LAS 112 is a once-a-week seminar for second-semester freshmen in the GLC program. This seminar takes up where the previous semester’s seminar left off, with small class discussions and guest speakers. LAS 112 will also feature invited speakers from the UIC faculty who will discuss how their areas of study approach different global issues. Whatever your interests are, it will be helpful to understand how economists, physicists, philosophers or linguists approach global issues differently. With the amount of work many college freshmen face, they sometimes get lost in the “day-to-day.” We hope this seminar will help you to understand how the courses you take at UIC are related to the world around you.