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Progress towards the Certificate

It is recommended that students meet with the GLC Coordinator regularly to update your file and discuss your progress toward completing the certificate.

  Course Semester taken
Area Course #1    
Area Course #2    
Area Course #3    
Area Course #4    
Global Themes Course    
LAS 111          
LAS 112     

Available Area Courses

Africa and the Middle East

Modern Africa (AAST 242/HIST 242)                         
Israel Film:  Aspects of History, Life, and Culture (JST 203)


East Asian Civilization: China (AAST  109/ HIST 109)
Politics in Japan and Korea (ASST 232/POLS 232)
Modern South Asia (ASST 276/HIST 276)
South Asian Cultures and Societies (ANTH 279/ASST 279)
Ethnography of Southeast Asia (GEOG 273/ANTH 273)

Latin America

Introduction to Puerto Rican Studies (LALS 104)
Introduction to Mexican Studies (LALS 105)
Indigenous Culture Change in Latin America (LALS 108)
Latin American Music (LALS 127/MUS 127)
From the Convent to the Streets: Latin American Women Writers in Translation (GWS 192/LALS 192/SPAN 192)
Civilization and Culture of Latin America (SPAN 231)
South American Indians (LALS 255/ANTH 275)
Mexico since 1850 (LALS 266/HIST 266)
Ethnography of Meso-America (LALS 270/ANTH 277)
Gender in Latin America (LALS 275/GWS 275/POLS 275)
Mexico Since 1850 (HIST 266/LALS 266)

Central and Eastern Europe

Lithuanian Culture (LITH 115)
Introduction to Polish Culture (POL 115)
History of Poland (POL 234/HIST 234)
Russian Culture: The Soviet Period (RUSS 116)
The Polish Short Story in Translation (POL 120)
Introduction to Russian Cinema (RUSS 150)

Western Europe

Study of Gender, Class, and Political Issues in German Texts (GER 120/GWS 120)
Diaspora, Exile, Genocide:  Aspects of the European Jewish Experience in Literature and Film (GER 125/JST 125)
Spain since 1808 (LALS 228/HIST 228)
Paris in Literature, Film and Culture (FR 297)

Global Themes Courses

Below is a list of GLCCC Global Themes Courses, which will help students to synthesize what they have learned in their regional courses.  Students must take one course from this category. 

Global Environmental Change (EAES 101)
World Cultures:  Introduction to Social Anthropology (ANTH 101)
Anthropology of Globalization (ANTH 219)
Global Perspectives on Women and Gender (GWS 102)
Introduction to Comparative Politics (POLS 130/LALS 130/INST 130)
Introduction to International Relations (POLS 184/INST 184)
Energy for Future Decision-Makers (PHYS 116)
Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 120)
Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 121)
Principles of Economics for Business (ECON 130)
Introduction to Gender, Sexuality and Literature (GWS 117/ ENGL 117)
Concepts in Geography (GEOG 100)
Introduction to Cultural Geography (GEOG 151)

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