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Fall 2013

Campus Course (CC)

CC 120 - First Year Dialogue Seminar: an eight-week course offered to incoming first-year students in various colleges. Uses the IGD four-stage model and offers introductory content on social identity, privilege, discrimination, and communication across difference, while introducing students to the diverse UIC campus.

Honors College

HON 140 - Intergroup Dialogue on Race and Gender. A semester-long course that uses the traditional four-stage IDG format to explore social identity group membership, privilege, power, opression, and what it means to be an ally, but focuses on two aspects of social identity (race and gender), rather than just one. Offered in the Honors College.

College of Pharmacy

PHARM 385 - Intergroup Dialogue offered to professional students in the College of Pharmacy. Uses the IGD format and applies the content knowledge gleaned from the course to explore issues of social identity relevant to the health sciences