UIC 2007 NCA Reaccreditation

Resource Room

The NCA self-study resource room is designed to provide easy access to virtual and physical resources that may be reviewed by members of the NCA visit team. Most resources are available online and we have compiled a listing of those resources for browsing through our website. You may browse resources through two views: (1) in order of how they are referenced in the self-study report, or (2) by a list of categories based on content.  

Proceed to Online Resource Room

Some materials are not available in an online format and must be reviewed in hardcopy format. Such resources have been gathered together in a physical resource room that will be available to the NCA team during the site visit.

List of documents not available online

Please contact Kay Miller (ktmiller@uic.edu) or Christina Outlay (coutla2@uic.edu) if you are looking for a particular resource that is not listed online or if you need access to hardcopy resources.


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