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Classroom Renovations

Creating Templates

In 2003, OCLE began to renovate classrooms on the East side of campus. Interviews were conducted with both faculty and students to help identify the successes and deficiencies in the current classrooms. The resulting findings were used to guide the renovation of a variety of different types of classrooms. A total of eleven pilot classrooms were renovated, using an array of different architectural solutions. These pilot classrooms were then evaluated in order to inform the development of guidelines to be used for the design of all future classroom projects.

Setting a Standard

Since classroom buildings are where students spend most of their time on campus, the goal of OCLE is to improve instructional spaces. Renovated classrooms can include: new lighting, acoustic treatments to absorb sound, new technology, white boards, new flexible furnishings and improved, contemporary finishes. OCLE aspires to provide the campus with learning environments capable of remembering and being remembered, rooms which respect the past and yet are innovative and speak of the future to all who enter.

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Current Projects | Completed Projects

Projects - 2014


BSB 365, 367, 369, and 389
Fall 2013

Lecture Center A1
Mechanical - Fall 2013
- Fall 2014

SH 115, 116, 119, 120
Fall 2013

SH 1st floor corridor
Fall 2013

EPASW 2219
Fall 2013

Projects Under Consideration


BH 205 + 209
Fall 2013


AHSB 601 + 607
Fall 2013

CMET 367
Fall 2013

Nursing 139 + 143
Fall 2013

Previously Completed Projects

East Side:


West Side: