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Giving to Project Oasis

Project Oasis is made possible only through charitable gifts and donations from university alumni, friends and staff. Each dollar is matched 1:1 by the Provost so that we may continue to create and maintain these vital learning environments.

Learn more about giving to Project Oasis:

  • VIDEO: The Project Oasis Donor Experience - View this three minute video of donors Eileen and Michael Tanner sharing their experience of creating two Oases at UIC

  • Project Concepts - Learn about new Project Oasis Concepts and contact us to become involved

  • Give Today! - Don't wait...contribute now to UIC's Project Oasis; online transactions are secure and confidential. Please visit the link below and choose:
    • UIC - Chicago Campus Funds and click on the link for "More Funds"
    • Enter a gift amount next to the drop down menu labeled "Select a special campus-wide project"
    • From the drop down menu choose "Project Oasis"

Thank you for your generous support - it is essential to the continued success of the program!