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UIC Classroom Use Guidelines

  • Furniture Layout
    • Classrooms should be restored to their original configuration upon completion of each class by following these steps:
      • Return all tables and chairs to their original position
      • Clean all instructional boards
      • Log off the computer, turn off projector, and securely close podium doors
      • FYI: Occupancy sensor will turn off lights
  • Whiteboard Markers and Erasers
    • Please use ONLY dry erase markers on whiteboards. The preferred marker for use is Expo Low Odor.
    • Please do not use permanent markers, such as Sharpie, since they will ruin the whiteboard surface.
    • An erase pad for the white boards will be provided in the classrooms.
  • Refuse: Please remind students to treat the space and furniture with respect and to remove refuse at the end of the class period.

  • Reporting Issues: If a non-emergency classroom issue arises, please report it via email to The issue will be automatically entered into an issue tracking database and monitored until it is resolved.