UIC College Prep High School



Math success

Algebra Success After-School Tutoring Program


The Women in Science & Engineering Program (WISE) at UIC, in partnership with UIC College Prep personnel, provide a special tutoring program—called Algebra Success—for UICCP students who are struggling in algebra. The after-school program is an integral component of the high school's instructional program. Student-participants commit to attending four hours each week for the entire semester for supplemental algebra tutoring. Each tutoring session is linked to lessons from their algebra class. During the session, students meet in small groups, guided by a UIC tutor. The tutors are UIC graduate and undergraduate students, who are typically pursuing degrees in mathematics, science or engineering.


WISE provides special training for the UIC student tutors. If you are a UIC student interested in tutoring Algebra at the high school, please contact Jocelyn Hare at jhare@uic.edu.