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Dentistry students

Health Sciences Curriculum

UICCP’s 4-year health sciences curriculum is the school’s hallmark instructional program. Co-developed with UIC personnel, the program provides students with a unique and unparalleled introduction to issues and topics in the health sciences, including an extensive career-awareness component. At the end of four years, students will have received a broad introduction to the science issues and opportunities involved in health-based careers. The curriculum makes use of a problem-based learning approach whereby students investigate engaging topics in health and medicine. This one-of-a-kind program represents an exceptional model of substantive school-university collaboration.


UIC faculty members, staff and students contribute to the health sciences program in many important ways.

First, faculty members from each college assist UICCP health sciences instructors in developing an appropriate problem-based activity—or case—that aligns with the content objectives for that quarter. UIC faculty serve as consultants and advisors as each case is developed to ensure a quality case that is relevant, accurate, and deep.


Second, UIC faculty members serve as experts during cases and speak about topics that relate to the case on which students are working. UICCP instructors work with the speakers from each college to ensure information presented is appropriate for high school-level work and applicable to the research students have completed. Again, the involvement of UIC faculty members allows students to learn more about each career and understand the importance of each profession as it relates to the case.

Finally, each College assumes the responsibility for planning and administering a UIC Day to at least one group of students each year. UIC Days are two-hour excursions to campus that expose students to each college by allowing them to visit and interact with