UIC College Prep High School



Summer Math For Success


During the summer, the Office of High School Development runs Math for Success, a free three-week program at UIC College Prep high school designed to help strengthen the math skills of incoming freshmen and to prepare them for freshman year.

This exciting and fun summer program is designed to ease students’ transition into high school. Using engaging math lessons as a context, Math for Success provides an opportunity for students to learn about UICCP’s rules and expectations, to meet new friends, to grow accustomed to the school building and connect with adults in the high school. The program also sharpens students’ mathematics skills and problem-solving while introducing a set of activities that enhance students’ motivation and their beliefs about themselves as mathematics learners. The 60 students who participated in the 2009 program had significantly fewer discipline referrals as their peers who did not attend the program.


The 2010 summer Math for Success program will be held June 28-July 16. Up to 60 entering 9th graders will be able to participate. Contact the UICCP office for information and application material.