Arman Butt

Arman ButtWhat are your favorite places on campus to study?

During finals, the library can be a great place to study. If you are like me, who sometimes enjoys music while studying, you can also hit one of the computer labs. Bring a headset and plug yourself into study mode.

How did you become "connected" to UIC?

Actually I did not have a smooth time in terms of becoming connected. The closest I became connected is through new friends at UIC.  But that quickly became situational. Every semester it seemed you had to find new friends. Also pay attention to the events going on in "quad" area and go for whatever interests you.

What is important to know the first day of the semester?

You should be getting emails from at least your department about presentations. However, the best thing you can do is keep in mind all the career fair dates as well as related presentations such as resume preparations.