Katybeth Graves

Katybeth Graves

How did you become "connected" to UIC?

I have successfully transferred to UIC because of the connections I made on campus and the situations I put myself into.

Get out there and meet people. Go to the fun fair in the quad and sign up for clubs that interest you. I am in a religious organization called Multi-Ethnic Intervarsity, and it has helped me meet so many lifetime friends and has also helped my confidence. I meet tons of new people in it and have a big social life. If your major has a club, get involved!! There are tons of clubs here for different majors. Also, if you are into the Greek life get involved there. Some sororities let new members enter in the spring if you missed fall rush. Both my roommates were in a sorority last year and they always did stuff together. That would be a great way to meet new people as well.

I would also recommend living on campus or near, if you can. That way you can meet new friends and people. Talk to your roommates get to know them, they may be able to help you make connections. Also, go to campus program events such as Friday Night Live. There are tons of free fun stuff and you can meet some cool new people. If you see fliers hanging up for something that looks interesting to you go get involved. I joined two practicums last semester because they were in my area of interest. I made a lot of connections on campus and a few new friends. Go to sporting events too.

I would also get involved with professors and advisors. Form good relationships with both. Also, take advantage of living in the city. Get online and see what is free for UIC students. Make a friend and take them with you. There is so much to do here!

Lastly, I know it is scary transferring because you don't have the freshman experience most people get entering into a new college. Make the most of your time here, though. Channel that fear into something else. Find a group, make some friends and get involved and do it as soon as possible. These are the things that helped me.